All engine trend performance data is processed, evaluated and reported within 24 hours of receipt, every day of the year.  Your online resource, webECHO, provides immediate reporting of your engine status and much more.   Any significant changes to the trends are identified and advised/alerted to you directly, by email and telephone.   Status Notification Reports are issued, if desired, every time you send data at trend release.

Routine reports are issued monthly to give a simple and comprehensive record for your quality requirements and to maintain good communication with your key personnel.  Finally, your feedback and data can be sent to us via webECHO or by email to complete the process loop.

Our team of power plant engineers are available 24/7 to provide immediate support through fault diagnosis and technical issues and are available to provide guidance to your maintenance team and support facilities. 

Status Notification Report
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Status Notification Report
Advisory Report
[PDF 2 MB]
Advisory Report
Routine Report No 2
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Routine Report No 2
Routine Report
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Routine Report
webECHO GPA Report
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webECHO GPA Report


webECHO is a versatile online resource available 24/7/365 and is the primary reporting tool to access your latest GPA reports as well as manage your fleet data, view the latest engine trends and download data history.

The integrated system, which is password protected for complete confidentiality, allows you to download reports, view graphs and analyse data in real time and can run on a variety of mobile devices such as iPads® and Android tablets.


  • View your data, statistics and/or PDF reports for:
    • Jet-Care Gas Path Analysis
    • Oil, Hydraulic Fluid and Fuel Analysis
    • Debris and Filter Analysis by Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Filter data by alert level, analysis type or any other searchable parameter
  • Review online trends and analysis of your equipment
  • Download reports, view graphs and analyse data in real time
  • View live technical comments made by the Jet-Care GPA team about your aircraft and operation
  • A 'Comment/Feedback' button allows you to send messages directly to the webECHO Team
  • Review and request changes to the information held on your organisation - locations, operators, equipment, reporting and test suites
  • View the last 50 data points used for analysis in tabular format for quick numerical comparison.
webECHO GPA Analysis Summary
webECHO GPA Dashboard
webECHO GPA Aircraft View
webECHO GPA Graph
webECHO GPA Trend Data


To access webECHO you can use the button below or the Login button in the top right hand corner of our website.

If you wish to request a username and password please also use the Login screen to do so.

For further information and instructions on how to use webECHO our User Guide is available to download in the section below.

[PDF 1 MB]
webECHO User Guide for Jet-Care GPA Customers 2018.pdf