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What engines can Jet-Care trend?


  • CFE Company CFE738
  • CFM International CFM56-3
  • General Electric CF34-3, CF34-8, CF34-10
  • Honeywell TFE731
  • Honeywell ALF502
  • Honeywell LF507
  • Honeywell HTF7000, 7250, 7350
  • Pratt and Whitney Canada 300 Series
  • Pratt and Whitney Canada 500 Series
  • Pratt and Whitney Canada JT15
  • Rolls-Royce AE3007
  • Rolls-Royce BR700 Series
  • Rolls-Royce Tay 611, Tay 620
  • Safran Larzac 04
  • Williams International FJ44 Series


  • Honeywell TPE331
  • Pratt and Whitney Canada 100 Series
  • Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6

Note:  This list is not exhaustive.  Jet-Care are continunally developing new aircraft/engine models so please contact us for details if your aircraft/engines are not shown.

What aircraft do Jet-Care Trend?


  • BAe/DH/Hawker 125 Series with TFE731
  • BAe Avro RJ Series
  • BAe146 series
  • Cessna Citation III, VI, VII
  • Cessna Citation X
  • Challenger 300, 350
  • Challenger CL 600
  • Challenger CL 601-Series, CRJ 100
  • Challenger CL 604, 605, CRJ 200
  • Challenger CL 800 Series
  • Dassault Alpha Jet
  • Embraer 135-145 
  • Embraer 190
  • Dornier 328 Jet
  • Falcon 10, 100
  • Falcon 20
  • Falcon 50, 50EX
  • Falcon 900 - EX, DX, LX Series
  • Falcon 2000 Series
  • Falcon 7X
  • Gulfstream G100, G150
  • Gulfstream 280
  • Gulfstream IV, G450
  • Gulfstream V, 500, 550, 650
  • Global Express, 5000, 6000
  • Learjet 31, 35, 36, 40, 45, 55, 60, 70, 75
  • Lockheed Jetstar. 731 Powered Models
  • Raytheon Hawker 750, 800 - 900 Series
  • Sabreliner 65
  • Westwind 1124, 1124A
  • Westwind Astra 1125, 1125A


  • ATR 42 and 72
  • Beechcraft King Air Series
  • Beech C99 and 1900
  • Bombardier Dash 8
  • Cessna 208B
  • Daher Socata TBM 850
  • Dornier 328
  • Embraer 120
  • Shorts 360 Skyvan

Note:  This list is not exhaustive.  Jet-Care are continunally developing new aircraft/engine models so please contact us for details if your aircraft/engines are not shown.

How do I enrol my aircraft engines onto the Jet-Care GPA Service?

Contact us via our Request a Quote Form


Call UK (+44) 1256 701777 or USA (+1) 973 292 9597 

We will supply you with a quotation and an enrolment form.

How and where do I send my engine trend download files to Jet-Care?

Email:     Send data files as attachments to data@jet-care.com

Online:   If you are currently enrolled on Jet-Care use your webECHO login.


               Upload data files using this link 


Please add the aircraft registration as a minimum in email subject lines and your contact details in text, as appropriate.

What data source types do Jet-Care process?

There are 3 primary data sources for engine trend data:

  1. ​Manual Data - collected by the pilot/crew from cockpit instrumentation readings and transferred to trend sheets or input into iECHO GPA, the Jet-Care iPad app, and then forwarded to us via email, fax or internet message.
  2. Electronic Data - downloaded by engineers/pilots in various file types from onboard computers. (Typically Maintenance Data Computers, Engine Electronic Control Computers e.g. MDC, FADEC, EEC, DEEC, etc).
  3. ACARS - real time data transmitted directly from the aircraft by automated systems using various-on-board avionic equipment and via Satcom and HF radio links to ground stations - and onward to Jet-Care.
Is Jet-Care able to provide a trend service using my electronic engine data?

If we trend your engine type, it is highly likely we can process and report using your data files. However we will check and sample your data if it is a new type and confirm that we can process and evaluate your data before confirming enrolment.

If we do not currently trend your engine type Jet-Care will work with you to provide a service as quickly as possible.  Please contact us to discuss your needs and for a quotation.

When should I download and forward data to Jet-Care?

Click on the link below to review the optimum times for data to be forwarded for evaluation.

Supplying Engine Data

What are the benefits of recording engine data manually for trending, if we are also downloading electronic data?

It is not  mandatory to record and forward trend performance data using both methods for Jet-Care GPA to provide a high quality service.  However, Jet-Care does recommend that an enhanced trending service is provided when data is provided electronically and manually (cockpit recording).   Click this link to consider the advantages.

We fly short duration legs and recording manual data in cruise is not always possible, how does this affect my service?

If data is captured electronically, consider downloading more frequently to have the take-off data evaluated.  If you have no electronic capture consider targeting specific flights to ensure recordings are taken.  More than one recording can be taken in a single flight.  We recommend the recordings are normally 30 minutes apart or at a different flight level/power setting.  Please contact Jet-Care if you have any queries on manual recording.

How long does it take for my data to be analyzed and reported?
  • Jet-Care routinely process and report engine trend performance data every day of the year.
  • Your data will be routinely reported at no more than 24 hours from receipt - 7 days a week.
  • If you are aware you have an engine performance issue and need a quick turn time and report (fast track), contact Jet-Care on +44 (0) 1256 701777 to request your data be processed as quickly as possible by our engineers.

Note:  Your full reporting service is available 24/7 via webECHO™  and your released results, providing they remain normal, will be available.  In the event that an Alert or Advisory report is issued we will contact you immediately.

How does Jet-Care report after I have sent data?
  • webECHO™ - On-line resource – provides immediate and 24/7 reporting for engine status, customer information, file archives, etc.
  • Unscheduled Reports   -  within 24 hours of data receipt:
  • Status Notification Report – a simple email sent within 24 hours of receipt of new data, with any associated comments - where status remains Normal
  • Advisory Report  (Early Warning Status) – issued regarding a change in condition which may cause engine damage, deterioration or incorrect indication with request for information or recommendations
  • Alert Report (Advanced Warning Status) - issued when there appears to be a genuine risk of continuing engine damage and deterioration, including sufficient loss of ower margins in ITT and N2
  • Routine Reports (monthly)  
  • Delivered by email (PDF) to all required contacts for monthly review
  • By operator fleet, or individual / specified aircraft as required
  • Provides engine trend status based on date of data, data type, comments, latest trend plots, data sheets, etc.
How can I access my aircraft/engine trend report outside of the routine monthly report from Jet-Care?

You can create a 'real time' report by accessing webECHO™ and choosing the 'Create Report' PDF button.  Contact Jet-Care at reports@jet-care.com if you have any queries or require assistance.

How can I advise Jet-Care of maintenance/repair work on my engines?

Please email reports@jet-care.com with your feedback or send the information via webECHO.  In webECHO you can use either the Comments section, the aircraft 'Submit Change' or 'Operator Feedback' buttons.

How do I know my submitted trend data is normal?

Jet-Care does not automatically report to you by return, unless you require this service.  If we do not contact you the current status remains normal for the data Jet-Care received.  Your results are available on webECHO 24/7.

If you wish to receive your results, by email, every time you send data please request 'Status Notification Reports'.  These simple text emails (no attachments) will be forwarded to you, or any other email address you require, at no more than 24 hours from receipt of data.  To request a 'Status Notification Report' contact us at reports@jet-care.com

Note:  If newly received data shows significant issues we will contact you with a special non-routine report - Alert or Advisory.  We will also call you for all Alerts (Advanced Warning Status).

I want reports sent to a number of contact emails and for some of my team to have webECHO access

You can request any number of reporting contacts for email reporting and for access to your data and reports using our online portal, webECHO.  Contact us at admin@jet-care.com for further details.

Note:  The primary report contact, as advised at enrolment or thereafter, must approve all additional reporting contacts.

My aircraft is equipped with a Shadin Avionics ETM system, can Jet-Care process the data downloaded from this unit?

Yes, Jet-Care are able to process the data files downloaded from the Shadin Avionics ETM system.