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Elemental Analysis ICP Spectrometry

This test provides a rapid screening of used and unused oil samples for wear indications and the presence of contaminants.  It is also used to check that the sample complies with the specifications for that oil grade.  By ICP we measure simultaneously more than 25 elements down to 0.1 parts per million (ppm) following different methods such us ASTM D5185, ASTM D4951 as well other in-house and bespoke procedures. High concentrations of particular elements can indicate excessive engine wear or the presence of contaminants. Since the wear rate of every engine is different, each engine is treated individually; and since metals have unique elemental concentrations, it is possible to predict the likelihood of bearing failure and component wear e.g thrust washers, metallic oil seals, oil pumps. Levels of those elements characteristic of oil additives are useful for confirmation of the oil grade in use, moreover, they may indicate contamination with fuel, another different oil, water, or just to check if that oil complies with the specifications for that oil grade.