Microbiological Fuel Analysis for Aircraft in Storage

8th April 2020

We understand that with the restriction of travel due to COVID-19 that many operators will have to make the difficult decision to place their aircraft into storage for a number of months.  We are also aware that this issue has been made more complicated with the decision by DuPont to withdraw Kathon FP 1.5 Biocide from the aviation market with immediate effect.‚Äč

If, as part of your storage maintenance requirements, you are required to perform microbiological analysis of your fuel systems, all Spectro | Jet-Care laboratories are open and fully operational to support your needs.

Our Fuel Analysis Service

  • We offer a reliable and proven fuel analysis service using an in house method which is based on IP385.
  • The advantage of this test, to operators with aircraft in short term storage, is that it not only measures the amount of current microbiological contamination present in the fuel systems but it also identifies and measures viable fungal spores, such as Hormoconis resinae and aerobic bacteria.
  • The sample is incubated in a controlled environment for 5-7 days.

Our experienced chemists send you the results in a concise and easy to read report, enabling you to quickly decide if further maintenance action is required to prevent long term damage to the fuel tanks and systems.

To perform this test all we require is 200ml of fuel collected in a clean container or you can purchase a sample kit from us.

Contact Us

Our sales teams are available to answer any questions you may have and to provide further information to help arrange for your fuel samples to be sent to one of our three laboratories.   

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