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21 Jan 2022

Spectro | Jet-Care integration goes live on IDEA YACHT software

Following our news release on 5th November announcing our partnership with IDEA Data Solutions GmbH, we are pleased to announce that the latest version of IDEA YACHT software has been released and includes integration with the Spectro | Jet-Care system to allow customers to submit a request to send an oil sample and receive and access the analysis results through IDEA YACHT.

We are continuing to work closely with the IDEA team to bring further enhanced options to the yacht management solution, enabling the combination of data to bring efficiencies to the day to day management of yachts.  This is not just from a planned maintenance point of view but the organisation of subsequent maintenance tasks created from sampling results and the all important scheduling of samples for analysis and supply logistics of sampling hardware.

To find out more click the link below to view the latest Blog post from IDEA YACHT regarding the 2021.4 release and further information on the Spectro | Jet-Care integration.