Spectro | Jet-Care enhance their range of sample kits for marine customers

7th July 2021

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of a number of new kits to assist our marine customers with the sampling of hydraulic fluids, fuel and fire water mist as part of a regular condition monitoring program.

There are many items on board that use hydraulics and not are all from the same system so each need to be tested accordingly.  All will be tested on a scheduled maintenance regime and as such multiple sample bottles are required.  The new marine hydraulic case and restock kit provides everything needed for regular sampling.

Periodic monitoring of fuel tanks is fundamental to ensure that fuel cleanliness is maintained at all times and to identify where treatment is needed.  The fuel analysis service has been extended to provide three levels of testing. 

A.   Basic Fuel Analysis   Water and Microbial
B.   Essential Fuel Analysis  Water, Microbial, FAME, Sulphur and Flash Point
C.   Enhanced Fuel Analysis As B plus Viscosity, Density & Particle Counting

In addition, the Fire Water Mist Sample Kit is a new analysis service offered by Spectro | Jet-Care to assist with the mandatory quarterly testing of the water quality held in storage tanks.  Testing water from the fire suppressant system helps identify elements that may cause disfunction of the system when called to action during a fire.

“Forty-five years experience in marine laboratory analysis not only gives us a huge store of empirical data but long-term relationships with many industry contacts, allowing us to understand the problems and challenges faced when operating a marine vessel,” said Larry Rumbol, Marine Business Development Manager.  “Our new kits do just that – by helping to address not only oil but fuel quality, repetitive hydraulic analysis, keeping critical fire suppression systems in working order and a whole lot more. 45 years on Spectro is just as agile and ready to meet the demands of today’s marine industry technology.”

Click here to view the extended range of Marine sample kits. 

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